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Apply for Money to Study Groups:  Division 49 Foundation Awards!

Today more than ever, our work as group therapists is challenged as Group Psychotherapy continues to be absent from the list of Specialty Designations in psychology.  We urge many of you to consider applying for either of this year’s two grants, which help supports the study of group psychology and group psychotherapy.   Not up for research at this time?  Then please consider sharing with your colleagues or students!  These grants are great ways to build on our knowledge base and help with costs to conduct small research studies.  The deadline for both of these grants is June 1, 2018. For more information on who is eligible and how to apply, please visit

The APF Div. 49 Group Psychology Grant ($2,000) supports innovative group psychology research focused toward groups in applied settings.

The Group Psychology Grant focuses primarily on processes and performance in non-disordered populations. This may also include members’ beliefs about and identification with the group. Samples of topics appropriate for the group psychology award include (but are not limited to):

  • Impact of individual differences (e.g., personality), beliefs (e.g., identification with the group), and situational or structural factors (e.g., within-group conflict, virtuality) on group processes, judgment, decision making, or performance.
  • Impact of group interaction on member states such as beliefs, affect, interest in affiliation, and identification with the group.
  • Differences in leadership and its impact on group process or performance
  • Measurement of group-level constructs such as team emotional intelligence, group cohesion, collective resilience, collective efficacy, etc.

The APF Div. 49 Group Psychotherapy Grant ($2,000) supports innovative group psychotherapy research applied to small groups in a naturalistic setting.

The Group Psychotherapy Grant focuses primarily on groups in a therapeutic context. Issues such as effectiveness of different approaches to group therapy would fall under this area.  Although this will often involve studies of group psychotherapy, it may also include other groups with health implications (e.g., support groups for smoking cessation, weight loss, etc.). Samples of topics appropriate for the group psychotherapy award include (but are not limited to):

  • Efficacy of group therapy for specific disorders
  • Impact of member individual differences, including gender, personality, prior duration of disorder, or comorbidity, on effectiveness of group therapy
  • Relative efficacy of different modes of therapy (e.g., comparing group to individual) or different communication styles (e.g., use of referential language) within or across disorders
  • The role of group climate in the effectiveness of group therapy




Travel Grants – 2017 APA Convention

Jean Keim, Ph.D.
Jean Keim, Ph.D.

As you are thinking about APA and convention programming, remember your APF Div. 49 Foundation has funding for scholarly work and travel. Deadlines for the grants are Oct. 1st. Available grants include travel, scholarly work in group psychotherapy, and scholarly work in group psychology. Links to the grants are provided below:

Feel free to email me if you have questions.

Jean, Keim