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Call For Student Members for Division 49

Rosamond J. Smith, MS
Rosamond J. Smith, MS

Now is a great time to be a student member of Division 49. We are ramping up a student committee to focus on the needs of our student members, and we have many great opportunities for students to get involved now!

From promoting the division at APA events (and getting paid for it – ask how!), via Facebook, and on Twitter; to interviewing and being mentored by notable group psychologists; to getting extra support toward publications – there is something for everyone to take advantage of!  Beyond that, the student committee is eager to hear how we can better serve our student members – so please send ideas, suggestions, and requests our way.  Don’t hesitate to jump right in and get involved in the ways that most interest you, or ask us if we can create those opportunities for you!

Learn more and join the division at and then e-mail Rosamond Smith, the current student representative – to get started: