Rebecca MacNair-semands

Treasurer Report

    Submitted by: Rebecca MacNair-Semands, Ph.D., CGP, Past Treasurer and Amy Nitza, Ph.D., Treasurer Division 49 ended 2014 with over $47,000 in income, including royalties from the journal at $43,077 (above the projected amount of $40,000). Dues exceeded those… Read More ›

Treasurer’s Report

As I write my last newsletter update for the Financial Committee, I am happy to report that convention costs for 2014 came in under projected budget this year again by over $1000. Funds for advertising provided attendees the division’s programming… Read More ›

Treasurer’s Report

Rebecca MacNair-Semands, Ph.D., FAGPA The 2014 proposed budget was submitted and approved by the board in January. Our projected 2014 income was $74,450 with projected expenses of $38,828, including our $12,000 contribution to the Foundation, Midwinter and Convention meeting expenses,… Read More ›