November 2014

Treasurer’s Report

As I write my last newsletter update for the Financial Committee, I am happy to report that convention costs for 2014 came in under projected budget this year again by over $1000. Funds for advertising provided attendees the division’s programming… Read More ›

Preventation Corner

This is our third column in our series on developing training programs for prevention groups. We sought advice from two experts in the field of group prevention, Robert K. Conyne, Ph.D. and Arthur M. Horne, Ph.D. who gave us excellent… Read More ›

Journal for Group Practitioners

Division 49 Proposing New Journal for “Group Practitioners” A proposal for a second journal for Division 49, Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy, was presented at the Board’s August meeting in Washington, D.C. Based on survey results conducted earlier… Read More ›

Presidents Column

It is so great to be part of a good group.  That describes our Society – a functioning group.  This year’s convention demonstrated how well we function from the work of Drs Jill Paquin and Joe Miles in crafting an… Read More ›

From Your Editors

From Your Editors the Group Psychologist – It was nice seeing many of you at the APA Annual Convention. Generally, we had an extremely successful gathering and a great deal of work was accomplished. In this issue, you can read… Read More ›