Resilience Builder Program: A Cognitive-Behavioral Group Intervention

Resilience Builder Program: A Cognitive-Behavioral Group Intervention
Mary Karapetian Alvord, Ph.D.

We have been collaborating with Catholic University of America and conducting outcome research in our practice since 2009.  Currently, we are in the third year of conducting a randomized controlled trial examining the effectiveness of the Resilience Builder Program® (RBP; Alvord, Zucker & Grados, 2011), a cognitive-behavioral group intervention, in schools with a student population primarily belonging to ethnic minority communities, low-SES, with prominent learning, behavioral, social, and/or emotional difficulties. Our work was partially supported by a $14,000 grant through the Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health. To date 119 children have participated in the study. Preliminary results indicated that children who participated in the RBP reported higher levels of emotional control and reduced levels of negative emotion following participation compared to children who were assigned to a waitlist control (Rich et al., in press). The following NPR broadcast highlighted the program at one of the participating schools:

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