Committee Reports

APA Council Meeting Report

Council of Representatives August 2014 Report from Sally Barlow, Ph.D. (Thanks to Rhea Farberman, Monitor Executive Editor for sharing her summary of meeting, portions of which I use here) 1. Council continued work on Good Governance Project (GGP) and Implementation… Read More ›

APA Council Meeting Report

Friday February 20-23, 2014 Washington DC Sally H. Barlow, Ph.D. – Council Representative For 3 days I attended my first ever Council meeting including Thursday activities for new council representatives and the regular agenda items from Friday through Saturday. It… Read More ›

Treasurer’s Report

Rebecca MacNair-Semands, Ph.D., FAGPA The 2014 proposed budget was submitted and approved by the board in January. Our projected 2014 income was $74,450 with projected expenses of $38,828, including our $12,000 contribution to the Foundation, Midwinter and Convention meeting expenses,… Read More ›