Brief Articles

Prevention Corner

Should Students be Retained or Socially Promoted When They are Failing Academically? Elaine Clanton Harpine, Ph. D. School questions seem to dominate our list of concerns once again. Parents, teachers, and school psychologists seem to be seeking answers to the… Read More ›

Barriers to Group Psychotherapy

Barriers to Group Psychotherapy for African-Americans, Latino/a’s and White, non-Latino/a University Students :  A Systematic Research Program to compare and contrast cultural differences and similarities.  This program will explore how three studies (Harris, 2012; Stoyell, 2013; Suri 2015) explored barriers… Read More ›

Diversity Committee Report

Activities since the July 2015 report have included: Dr. Chun-Chung Choi received the 2014-15 Diversity Award. The Diversity Committee encouraged student involvement in a symposium at APA. Our program, entitled Multicultural Skill Development in Group Psychotherapy, was selected by the program… Read More ›