Committee Reports

Report from the winter meeting of the APA Council of Representatives

Sally Barlow, Ph.D.
Sally Barlow, Ph.D.

The winter meeting was held in Washington DC from March 9-10 covering many topics including:

  • Council approved a joint 501(c) 3/501(c) 6 organization membership agreement, a move that will increase APA’s capacity to advocate for a full range of issues. At membership renewal time this year, all APA members will become part of both a c3 and a c6 organization.
  • Council voted to amend minutes of its February 24-25, 2017 meeting— “Council voted to adopt as APA policy the APA Clinical Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Adults and approved March 2022 as the expiration date for these guidelines. Council also requested that a Professional Practice Guidelines [that addresses other issues, including those relevant to psychological practice with individuals] related to issues important to treatment of individuals who have Posttraumatic Stress Disorder be developed [in an expeditious fashion] as expeditiously as possible.”
  • Council approved pursuing accreditation of master’s level programs in health service psychology in areas where APA already accredits. This will be a multi-year project that will require council approval for a plan of implementation. Much debate preceded this vote. Two take-aways are 1) the exact title has yet to be decided, and 2) there should be standards for the scope of practice of master’s level practitioners.
  • Council vote to receive a comprehensive report from the Council Diversity Workgroup. This will include recommendations for more inclusion of diversity at all levels of process and procedure. This workgroup is led by Clinton Anderson and his team in Public Interest and will take the next 6 months to develop a workable framework.
  • Council adopted the Clinical Guideline for Multicomponent Behavioral Treatment of Obesity and Overweight Children and Adolescents: Current State of the Evidence and Research Needs as policy of the association. This was preceded by very emotional debate about the painful aspects of being labelled “obese” while still focusing on the positive aspects of better treatment for this global phenomenon.
  • Council adopted as APA policy a resolution on Pregnant and Postpartum Adolescent Girls and Women with Substance Related Disorders. In part, this policy affirms that substance-related disorders manifest as behavioral and biomedical health problems, and recommends providing rehabilitative services rather than criminalizing pregnant women and girls’ substance use by prioritizing substance treatment.
  • Council received as information an update on the new business in progress item, “Archiving the 2015 Resolution on Violent Video Games Due to Inconsistent Evidence-Based on Effects (NBI 35A/Aug 2017).
  • Council received three ethics updates as information. An update on the Board of Directors’ consideration of recommendations stemming from the Report to APA Commission on Ethics Processes; an update on a new selection of the new Ethics Code Taskforce; and an update on a new business item, “Resolution to Amend Council’s 2009, 2013, and 2015 Resolutions to Clarify that Psychologists May Provide Treatment to Detainees or Military Personnel in National Security Settings”.
  • Council decided to rescind the 1991 Resolution on the use of anatomically detailed dolls for forensic evaluations, urging those who conduct such evaluations to be competent in their use, provide more research about the variety of such dolls available for purchase, and bring the standard of assessment into a more uniform practice.
  • Council agreed to adopt as APA policy the Guidelines on Core Learning Goals for Master’s Degree Graduates in Psychology and approved March 2028 as the expiration date for these guidelines.
  • Council met in Executive Session to discuss ongoing litigation. Our very competent attorney, Deanne Ottaviano reminded us that we cannot discuss (or report on) anything regarding this litigation. I can report on the Amicus Curiae briefs, which include the recent cake decision as well as 4 others.  If you want details (lots of legal language I am not competent enough to represent here) contact me at


For those interested in the full minutes check out this link:

Thank you for allowing me to represent our Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy.  Sally Barlow