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Special Issue – International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

Call for Submissions

Group Dynamics and Race

The International Journal of Group Psychotherapy will publish a special issue on group dynamics and race in 2018. We are interested in receiving original theoretical, clinical, or research-based articles, including literature reviews, relevant to the problems of, and innovative solutions to, race relations.

Below are examples of interest for this special issue:

  • Racial bias, implicit or explicit, systemic or individual, and the facilitation of group psychotherapy in various settings.
  • Scholarly articles relevant to race that address institutional group phenomena, such as (but not limited to) business, government, education, and criminal justice.
  • Implications for our profession, such as preparation for clinical intervention in a racially mixed society.
  • Current challenges, domestic or international, such as denial of historical facts or promotion of racial myths by advocacy groups.
  • Analysis of the role of social media in drawing the isolate into online group identity based on racial bias.

We seek articles showing knowledge of group theory, clinical psychology, education, sociology, etc., with professional emphasis on the impact of racism on society. Potential contributors are invited to submit proposals by April 1, 2017, via email in abstract or summary form (500-700 words) to the editor, Dominick Grundy, Ph.D., Those invited will be expected to submit within four months of notification. Manuscripts are submitted via Scholar One and peer-reviewed.

Articles are normally 25 double-spaced pages (including tables and references) and Brief Reports under 10 pages. Authors are held responsible for following APA style. For more information about the submission process, go online to the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, then select the publisher’s website (Taylor & Francis online). For Instructions for Authors, use this link:  Send email queries to the editor, Dominick Grundy, Ph.D.,