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Autumn is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, and winter beckons around the corner. For some, this might mean the relief that rain brings to the parched earth. For others, it means frost on the leaves, brilliant colors on the hillsides, and crisp night air. Whatever it brings for you, we hope that you take a few moments to contemplate the changes that this season brings for you.

This issue of TGP brings some change as well. It’s with a heavy heart as we reflect on Dr. Robert Gleave’s column. He is stepping down from the role of President-elect due to his health concerns. Robert, we value all that you have done for the group psychotherapy field, we admire your quiet strength and depth of spirit, and we appreciate the perspective you articulated in your column, “My predominant feeling is a willingness to learn these next lessons and a sense of peace.” May you continue to find that peace.

Another change to this issue of TGP is the introduction to a new column, Notes from the North. We’ll be featuring a “pen-pal” like relationship with CGPA: Group Therapy, Group Training, Group Facilitation. If you have questions for our Canadian colleagues, please send them our way!  As a child, I (Leann) had a pen-pal from Iowa. I still remember her specific handwriting, and the way she would dot her “i’s” with small hearts. Ah, life before digital emoji’s! There was always a joy in getting a letter from her in the mail, and then pondering what I was going to write back. Perhaps in 20 years we’ll look back with nostalgia at this first Notes from the North column…and marvel at the relationships it has fostered between Division 49 members and our colleagues up north!

This issue also highlights several award winners that were honored at the recent APA Convention in Denver. Dr. Norsworthy was given the Diversity Award and Dr. Maartijn van der Kamp was recognized with the Richard Moreland Dissertation of the Year Award. We encourage you to read about these two individuals in their respective columns. We also wanted to highlight the second Group Psychotherapy Column by Dr. Tevya Zukor. He tackles an especially important topic, how group members need to remember the value of civility and kindness with each other, even when they see actions that might not match their personal values.

And finally, we’ll close with encouraging you to check out Dr. Craig Parks’ President’s Column. He provides an analysis of several movies with group dynamics or group psychotherapy content…and encourages the reader to check out, as a repository for movies that incorporate psychological content. I, for one, have already checked out the list and am adding a few of the movies to my Netflix queue. The next rainy and windy afternoon, that might be just what the doctor ordered!

Happy Autumn!


Tom Treadwell, EdD, T.E.P. C.G.P.
Tom Treadwell, EdD, T.E.P. C.G.P.







Associate Editor

Leann Diederich, Ph.D.
Leann Diederich, Ph.D.