Committee Reports

Secretary’s Report

Jennifer Alonso, Ph.D., CGP
Jennifer Alonso, Ph.D., CGP

It was a pleasure to see many of you at the August 2015 Convention in Toronto. I had the privilege of attending board meetings for the Division, including meeting with the APA Publications team about ways to continue to promote the division through our journal and social media sites. Please visit this link to review the minutes from our Board meeting. We learned that the APA MyCommunities website, which we had be utilizing to store documents for the Division, would be closing. We have since moved the documents (e.g. former board meeting minutes, bylaws, policy manual, summaries of ECP hosted conference calls) to DropBox. Our hope in having an electronic place for all Division related materials is to increase transparency among members about how decisions are made and how we are advocating on your behalf. We also always welcome ideas and suggestions for ways the Division can support your needs as a Group Psychologist more effectively. In addition, having a centralized place to store materials allows incoming board to become familiarized with procedures and documents more quickly, and prevents us from losing historical documents previously kept by individual members or in non-electronic forms. Lastly, this assist current board members in having quick access to be able to review what has transpired in the past and remember the historical context of decisions. If you would like access to any of the materials, please contact me and I would be happy to share the information with you.

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