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Diversity Committee Report

Jeanne Steffen, Ph.D.
Jeanne Steffen, Ph.D.

Activities since the July 2015 report have included:

Dr. Chun-Chung Choi received the 2014-15 Diversity Award.

The Diversity Committee encouraged student involvement in a symposium at APA. Our program, entitled Multicultural Skill Development in Group Psychotherapy, was selected by the program committee. Three students co-presented along with Eric Chen, Jeanne Steffen, and Joe Miles.

Joe Miles, Eric Chen, Jeanne Steffen and Robert Gleave were present for a committee meeting and discussed goals related to increasing student involvement for 2016.

Items Needing to be Discussed:

Recruiting new members to the committee for 2016; prioritizing goals for 2016

Items Needing Action:

Jeanne will contact members of the committee in October to establish new members, summarize suggestions for goals from our last meeting, and ask for votes regarding which goals to priorotize for 2016.

Recommendations, if any:

None currently.

Members of Committee:

Eric Chen

Maria Riva

Cheri Marmarosh

Joe Miles

Lee Gillis

Brittany White

Joel Miller

Jennilee Fuertes