New Journal Update

Tom Treadwell, EdD, T.E.P. C.G.P.
Tom Treadwell, EdD, T.E.P. C.G.P.

A proposal for a second journal for Division 49, Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy, was presented at the Board’s August 2015 meeting in Washington, D.C.

APA’s Publications & Communications (PC) Board is recommending against the establishment of a new clinical journal for Division 49 as reported by Gary Vanderbos.

According to Vanderbos, “the primary basis for this recommendation is the simple numbers and finances. We believe the Division is too small to economically support two journals—with readers, with authors, and with supporting dollars. Moreover, on a percentage of clinical hours provided per year, group psychotherapy is not a highly frequent method of delivery of psychotherapy, even taking a multi-disciplinary approach to data.  There simply may not be enough willing authors and eager readers to support another clinical group psychotherapy journal beyond those already in existence.”

However, Vanderbos states, “We believe the motivation behind the proposal has a degree of merit. I have been kicking around some ideas about that, which is the real focus of what I would like to chat with the Executive Committee about. Rather than forming a new journal, I think the Division should strike an ‘alliance’ of sorts with another Division, which has a more clinically-oriented journal.”

However, Vanderbos suggests a meeting time is to be arranged to discuss the totality of the situation with the Executive Committee of the Division at the Toronto APA Convention. We could do this during the Group Dynamics journal meeting, which is already scheduled for Thursday, 6 August, at 11 am at the APA Publications Suite.

Vanderbos suggests collaborating with other divisions, such as, Division 42 whereby they are establishing a new journal called Practice Innovations, as they will need submissions and content to publish, or perhaps Division 29 since they publish more clinically-oriented articles on the “art” of doing psychotherapy.

We need to make Division 49’s mission one that promotes the clinical component(s) of group psychology and group psychotherapy via our own division. Burlingame, Strauss, & Joyce (2011) have demonstrated there is now sufficient data showing group therapy is as efficient and or effective as individual therapy.

This note is to solicit reactions from Division 49 membership! The membership reactions to the recommendations are important… Let us know your thoughts.