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As we slowly work our way toward summer we look forward to joining and sharing our knowledge at our Annual Convention this August. Division 49’s program is very exciting as one can review in this issue.

In this issue, you can read about the following:

  • President Dennis Kivlighan focuses on Division 49’s program. We share his enthusiasm for the invited address by Dr. Molyn Leszcz. You can also learn more about the creation of a new ritual, The Annual Division 49 Fellow’s Talks, in his column.
  • President-elect Craig Parks plans to focus on connecting and furthering the group experience through collaboration with fellow group workers (i.e., organizational, clinical, and sports group psychologists). He feels that Division 49 needs to initiate extension efforts. For example, he suggests that the Division could sponsor workshops on topics related to group functioning to which professionals and budding professionals can attend at reasonable rates. We applaud his goal of building stronger connection between group psychology and group psychotherapy.
  • An update on the status of a new Division 49 journal. The Board received feedback from the APA Publications and Communication Board, and we report on that feedback in a separate column.

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Tom Treadwell, Ed.D., T.E.P, CGP
Tom Treadwell, Ed.D., T.E.P, CGP


Leann Diederich, Ph.D.
Leann Diederich, Ph.D.

Associate Editor