Committee Reports

Diversity Committee Report

Jeanne Steffen, Ph.D.
Jeanne Steffen, Ph.D.

January 2015 Diversity Committee Report

Jeanne Steffen, Ph.D.

Members of Committee:

Eric Chen

Maria Riva

Cheri Marmarosh

Joe Miles

Lee Gillis

Brittany White

Joel Miller

Jennilee Fuertes


Brief Summary of Activities Undertaken:

Last January, we identified tasks for the year, which included:

1)  Identify at least one new method to attract underrepresented members to the Division/Committee.

2) Create a formal process to engage people to nominate Diversity Award candidates.

3)  Create diversity programming to help in diversity education for the division.

Our activities since the summer report have included:

August: Eric arranged a diversity programming event at APA (Aug. 7-10 in Washington DC) entitled Evidence-Based Practice and Multicultural Competencies in Group Therapy: Multiple Perspectives. This four-paper symposium aimed to highlight the complex intersection between evidence-based practice and multicultural competence perspectives within the group therapy context from the perspectives of researcher, educator, trainee, and practitioner.

September-November: the diversity committee focused on getting our student members more involved in diversity programming. We worked together to put together a proposal for the 2015 APA Conference in Toronto entitled: Multicultural Skill Development in Group Psychology.

December-January: The committee reviewed the two candidates nominated for the 2015 Diversity Award and selected the finalist in January 2015.