2015 Mid-Winter Board Meeting Minutes

January 10 and 11, 2015; Washington DC

Attendees: Dr. Dennis Kivlighan (President), Dr. Lee Gillis (Past-President), Dr. Craig Parks (President-Elect), Dr. Jennifer Alonso (Secretary), Dr. Amy Nitza (Treasurer), Dr. Leann Diederich (Member at Large), Dr. Rex Stockton (Member at Large), Dr. Jill Paquin (Member at Large), Dr. Joe Miles (Convention Program Chair), and Dr. Sally Barlow (Council of Representatives)

midwinter mtg

1/10/15 – Meeting began: 8:45am; Meeting adjourned: 3:40pm

1/11/15 – Meeting began: 8:45am; Meeting adjourned: 11:50am


Past President – Dr. Lee Gillis

  • Two open positions: President-elect and member-at-large
  • Candidates for President-elect: Dr. Robert Gleave and Dr. Verlin Hinsz
  • Candidates for member-at-large: Dr. Misha Bogomaz and Dr. Michele Ribeiro
  • MOTION APPROVED: Put forth these candidates
  • Policy Manual
  • Sections with extensive revisions: Secretary, Treasurer, Awards, Fellows. Clarified Student Poster Award winners section:
  • Give one year free membership to all student authors of poster winners; Reassess in a few years to identify if this positively impacts retention of new members
  • Winners: Put a ribbon on poster at the poster session; Invite them to bring and share their poster at the social; Present their certificate at the social.
  • Awards recruitment: Post in various listservs, social media sites, contract graduate programs with a group emphasis.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Gillis will send updated policy manual to APA to get their recommendations
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Diederich will arrange for Aug 2015 student winners to receive free membership
  • ACTION ITEMS: Dr. Parks will purchase ribbons and present awards and invitations to winners
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Parks will post on different listservs; social media sites; contact graduate programs with a group emphasis about the upcoming student poster awards

President – Dr. Dennis Kivlighan

  • Presidential initiative: (1) Ensure we are a Society of group psychology AND group psychotherapy. A review of current fellows, past Society presidents, presented posters are a majority of group psychotherapy focused. The exception is the dissertation award winners.
  • Presidential initiative: (2) StoryCorp for the Society. Brief, TED talk model. A way for members to talk about and archive their group journey, learning from each other’s collective wisdom, and celebrating people who get fellow status.
  • Example: SAGE Publications is doing a similar type of video for their instructors. Starts broad (e.g. who you are as a person) and moves into what the key messages are that come out of the research you have done.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Parks will ask SAGE (based in Toronto) for a copy of the questions they use, and to gauge pricing for recording videos at 2015 Convention (or another outside contractor, such as students at a university; APA Publications; Alexander Street Press)
  • Student Committee could assist with this task. Providing standardized questions to participants in advance and having a dialogue with them if they do the recording in person. Participants are also given the option to record at home if preferred.

President-Elect – Dr. Craig Parks

  • Presidential Initiative: Defining the Society as a place for ALL people working in groups. Many fields in Psychology are asking similar questions about group, teams, teamwork, etc. However, we are not connected as a field related to groups and some may not realize the Society’s journal could publish their work. The initiative is to forge connections with researchers to invite them to the Society’s events, creating dialogues together, to submit to the Journal and invite their students to participate.
  • Divisions to connect with: Div 8: Social and Personality; Div 47: Exercise and Sports; Div 19: Military; Div 40: Addiction; Div: 14:Industrial and Organizational
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Parks will begin to connect and create with relationships with other relevant divisions.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Miles and Dr. Paquin will identify a Division to co-sponsor a second Social Hour with at the 2015 Convention.

Treasurer – Dr. Amy Nitza

  • Ended 2014 with over $47,000 in income. Society’s finances are in good shape.
  • American Psychological Foundation (APF): The Society has contributed $80,000 of the mandatory $100,000 thus far. Currently budgeted to contribute $12,000 for 2015. If we instead doubled this amount $24,000 (approximately 25% of 2015 income), the foundation would be fully funded.
  • MOTION APPROVED: Fully fund the remainder of the APF amount of $24,000. All approved, with no nays and no abstains.
  • Reviewed Convention costs:
  • Recurring costs: Social, Division suite, awards and plaques, materials and one night of the council of representatives hotel
  • New items: Door prizes ($500) at social and/or business meeting to increase attendance and awareness of society; Second co-sponsored social
  • MOTION APPROVED: Pass budget for 2015. All approved, with no nays and no abstains.

Secretary – Dr. Jen Alonso

  • The website and MyCommunities sites continue to be updated regularly. The social media sites continue to be updated by the Social Media Coordinator (independent contractor, not a Psychologist).
  • Budget requests (existing expenses):
  • Hootsuite ($108/year), WordPress ($299/year) and Social Media Coordinator ($1500/year).
  • Budget requests (new expenses):
  • Social Media Coordinator: Increase stipend by $500 (Ms. Tanya Dvorak has put in over 96 hours this past year)
  • Google Apps for work: $299/year to upgrade email to a Business account.
  • MOTION APPROVED: Pass all existing and new secretary’s budget requests. All approved, with no nays and no abstains.

Membership Committee – Dr. Leann Diederich

  • In 2014 there were 238 paid members and 404 total members (down from 247 paid members in 2013, but there was an increase in new members).
  • ECP Taskforce has been very active. Started a Member of the Month feature for the website, continue to post regularly on social media and hold free conference calls.
  • ECP is proposing a new mentorship program. This would include a bimonthly video chat with a group of 4-6 ECP members and one later career mentor. Available for Society members only as a members benefit. This piloted program would be attended by at least one ECP committee member per group. Board approved committee to move forward with this.
  • A list of possible mentors was submitted. Other possible mentors were added:
  • Verlin Hinsz (Military; Securing research funding)
  • Joe Miles (Intergroup dialogue; Research)
  • Debra Feltz (Sports)

APA Wide Committee Participation

  • We have some members attending different APA committees. A goal is to get members elected to some APA positions to further the Society’s mission. We discussed the relevancy of various APA committees and the importance of creating a strategic plan regarding the priorities of the Society to assist in making decisions about where our representation and resources should go.
  • Discussion about having one year commitment for liasionship and then reevaluate if funding should continue.
  • APA Council – Dr. Sally Barlow is the representative and attended two APA Council meetings in 2014. Overall, there is a lot of conflict and tension in the meetings. Dr. Barlow is continuing to identify ways to advocate for the Society’s interests. Receiving financial support for attending.
  • Board of Professional Affairs – Dr. Diederich attended one meeting and is receiving financial support for attending. It is recommended that the Society has a liaison on either this board and on the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice (CAPP). Through discussion, it was agreed that a liaison for CAPP is preferred at this time.
  • Both assist and advocate primarily for psychotherapy focused members. However, BPA is under APA and is non-profit. CAPP is under APA’s practice organization and they advocate for political and financial reimbursement of therapy.
  • 2015 CAPP Meeting 1: Feb 6-7; Meeting II: May 1-2; Meeting III: Oct 2-3, 2015
  • MOTION APPROVED: Officially appoint Dr. Diederich to this position for a one year trial period (possible 3 year term).
  • Board of Educational Affairs (BEA): Liaison is Cheri Marmarosh. Meetings held twice a year, but was attended once last year by Dr. Gillis. Receiving financial support for attending. No further information.
  • Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education: Liaison is Karin Hodges. Unclear is she is requesting / receiving financial support for attending. Recently completed project on improving teamwork that will be piloted in K-12 schools.
  • Board of Scientific Affairs: No current liaison. However, this was brought up as a possible committee we may want to assign a liaison to.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Kivlighan will contact APA Joan Freund ( to inform her Dr. Diederich will be the CAPP liaison.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Kivlighan will create a list of current liaisons and invite them to attend August 2015 board meeting.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Alonso will aside time at Aug 2015 meeting to discuss this issue.
  • (1) Prioritize what committees we want Division members to be a part of,
  • (2) Create procedures regarding what to do with the information received from committee liaisons (e.g. TGP; post on listserv) we get it? (TGP? listerv?)
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Kivlighan will contact members from other divisions who have held similar liaison roles to identify the usefulness of different committees. Investigate Board of Scientific Affairs as another possible board to assign a liaison.
  • ACTION ITEM: Reevaluate 2016 mid-winter board meeting – How has CAPP liaisonship gone? Consider adding liaisons to the other boards?
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Kivlighan will invite Dr. McDaniels (incoming APA president elect) to August board meeting

New Journal – (Dr. Joe Powers)

  • Powers referenced a proposal he had submitted but this could not be located, so it was not discussed. Did not receive a copy of the proposal so this could not be discussed.
  • See 2014 August board meeting minutes for questions regarding that journal that need further discussions. One thing brought up was financial considerations (e.g. will libraries be interested in this? Cost of printing)
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Alonso will request a copy of the proposal from Dr. Powers
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Kivlighan will invite Dr. Powers to approach APA journals (e.g. Rose Sokol-Chang at APA) to get more information about this possibility (e.g. market research)
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Jill Paquin volunteered to participate on this committee (replacing Dr. Kivlighan)

Publications Committee – Dr. Jen Alonso

  • Listserv currently functions as an announcements list that is minimally utilized. Discussed ways to use the listserv to create a community and add increased benefit from members (e.g. consultation regarding clinical services).
  • Listserv is currently moderated by Dr. Gillis. Discussed whether the listserv needed to be moderated, and it was agreed that this should be continued to ensure emails are group related.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Miles will join Dr. Gillis as an email moderator
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Paquin and Dr. Diederich will email the listserv about the policy of the listserv. Dr. Paquin will post a consultation question to begin to a discussion.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Gillis will add all liaison and committee chairs to board listserv. This includes: Dr. Jeanne Steffen; Dr. Cheri Marmarosh; Dr. Nina Brown; Dr. Karin Hodge; Dr. Gary Burlingame; Dr. Nora Slone; and Dr. Misha Bogomaz

“The Group Psychologist” Newsletter – Dr. Tom Treadwell

  • Transferred TGP to WordPress website successfully. APA made the first post in 2014 and the final two posts were posted by the Secretary and Social Media Coordinator.
  • Concern: When next secretary takes office in 2017, who will do the TGP posts? Discussed the benefit of having the Social Media Coordinator position so that the secretary does not need to have that skill set. In addition, it is encouraged that future secretaries are technologically advanced to assist with the website, MyCommunities and social media.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Treadwell will write an article in the next TGP issue summarizing the recent survey results regarding the TGP.

Program Committee – Dr. Joe Miles

  • The chairs have continued to discuss collaborative programming with other Divisions since the previous convention. For the Toronto conference, APA decreased the allotted Division hours to 14 (2 less than 2014). Five of seven collaborative programs submitted were accepted.
  • When receiving submissions, the program chair(s) will continue to ask people to revise and resubmit if it appears unclear if they are including information about group in their proposal. They are also requesting all convert the programs into CE eligible.
  • Discussed the benefit of frontloading events during the Convention so we can maximize the number of invites to the social that can go out. Thus, board meeting is moved to Saturday AM.
  • Discussed having a giveaway at the social to increase overall attendance, especially of students and ECPs. Distribute mock tickets at all Division events inviting people to attend (“must be present to win”)
  • Ideas (e.g. 1 large item, and several smaller ones): Amazon gift card, Psychology related book or APA/Sage/Guilford Publications gift card, or electronics (e.g. ipad, fitbit, headphones). In the past, Sage/Guilford has offered a free gift card.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Miles and Dr. Paquin will schedule space in the suite for the StoryCorps recordings
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Miles and Dr. Paquin – Request full sized fridge/two mini fridges for night of social
  • ACTION ITEM: Rosamond Smith will coordinate schedule to ensure someone is always at the suite and at programming. Monetary incentive to students for helping (four students: attend 4 events, earn $100).
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Alonso and Dr. Diederich will purchase buttons to distribute at the convention
  • Order 1: A larger button. “Ask me about Div 49” with Division logo for board members and student volunteers
  • Order 2: Standardize sized button. Unique shape. “Keep Calm, I’m a Group Psychologist”
  • Future ideas: “It goes better in group”; “Got group”; “Keep Calm I Know Group Dynamics”; “Watch out I know group dynamics”; #APAdiv49; I <3 group
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Miles will email listserv an example of an accepted collaborative program for 2016 convention submissions
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr Miles and Dr. Paquin will discuss the option of cosponsoring programming with Divisions we have not collaborated with in the past (e.g. as mentioned in the President-elect section)

Group Dynamics Journal – Dr. David Marcus

  • 2015: New journal contract officially started. Assigned new manuscript coordinator from APA.
  • Number of submissions is adequate. Limited psychotherapy and sports related articles submitted, but we are receiving a significant number of I/O and Social Psychology article. Publication delay is short. New associate editor (Michael Baumann) took over for one of the four associate editors in 2015.
  • Discussed what seems to be a high rejection rate (about 85%) and limited international submissions (especially related to group psychotherapy). One idea included contacting strong researchers, especially in counseling/clinical who have not published in GD in a while to request a submission.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Marcus will write up information about the journal that can be posted on the listservs of other Divisions so others are aware of journal (see divisions listed in Past President section, as well as other divisions like clinical, counseling, etc.)
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Marcus will write up what a good empirical psychotherapy based article is. Send to listserv, post on website, and social media sites.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Miles will email Rose Sokol-Chang at APA to see a copy of the half page invitations mark advertising sheet. If it doesn’t include information about submission, have Dr. Miles include information that can be stapled to the paper. This can be distributed at the Convention at targeted and relevant programming.

Student Committee – Rosamond Smith, MS

  • Discussed ways for students to get involved in the Society and topics for the student committee. These included: Creating a half page document on the effectiveness of group psychotherapy for the APA Directorate; Continuing to have students assist with manning convention events and the suite and distributing materials; StoryCorps (see president section) at the Convention; Create content for Facebook posts
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Diederich will provide email list of students to Rosamond. She will email students to introduce herself and identify who wants to get involved in the Society. When new students join, Rosamond will send them a welcome at that time.
  • ACTION ITEM: Rosamond will write up information about the Society, what students are doing, and how to get involved in the Society. Board members will distribute to students at their university and faculty members who completed the survey; Dr. Parks will email to Social psychologists who teach Group courses; Dr. Marcus will email to Clinical Psychology Training Director listserv and Dr. Stockton to the Counseling Psychology Training Director listserv

Fellows Committee – (Dr. Gary Burlingame)

  • Four new fellows applicants submitted and are being reviewed.
  • During the 2015 convention, there will be time set aside from now on for a fellows talk. For fellows inducted prior to this time, 1-2 “senior” fellows (who did not have an opportunity to previously speak) will be invited to speak. All speakers will be provided a few questions for them to consider speaking about (see StoryCorps questions)
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Kivlighan will ask Dr. Burlingame to inform applying fellows that there is an expectation for them to speak at the convention’s fellow talk the year after they are chosen as fellows
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Miles will ask APA if we can record a video of the fellows talk at the convention for the Society’s purposes (e.g. StoryCorps)
  • ACTION ITEM: At each upcoming mid-winter meeting, the President-Elect will nominate 1-2 senior fellows to speak at the upcoming fellows talk.
  • ACTION ITEM: (1) Dr. Kivlighan will contact 2015 fellows to invite them to attend 2015 Toronto convention (with email written by Dr. Miles), and (2) Dr. Miles will assign one hour of convention to fellows talks.

Awards Committee – Dr. Craig Parks

  • Diversity Committee did not request applications for this year’s award, so they will choose a winner from the remaining 2014 applications.
  • Finalized the wording for future submission requests for the Group Psychologist of the Year award
  • Given the foundation will be funded soon, we discussed possible future awards. Awards could include a plaque and monetary prize:
  • Teaching of Group Psychotherapy. Given to an individual who would also be invited to speak at the Convention about their work.
  • Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy academic and training programs. Given to a program and nominated by students.
  • Practice of Group Psychotherapy. Given to an individual or agency who use group therapy to serve the community, social justice/advocacy oriented, etc.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Paquin will draft criteria for the Teaching award and bring proposal to August meeting
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Diederich and Student Committee will draft criteria for Training Program award and bring proposal to August meeting (Dr. Stockton also volunteered to help if needed)
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Diederich and ECP Committee will draft criteria for Practice award and bring proposal to August meeting
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Miles and Dr. Paquin will talk with Div 2 about co-sponsoring 2016 convention talk for Teaching award

CRSPPP Proposal – (Dr. Nina Brown)

  • CRSPPP = Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology (CRSPPP)
  • Brown and her committee submitted petition to APA in December 2014 for Group Therapy to be recognized as a specialty. The petition was posted online in January 2015 for a comment period for two months. It is important for positive comments be posted supporting the petition.
  • The committee is required to meet face to face once a year. Next meeting planned for the Toronto Convention. There is already $400 in the budget allotted to a lunch for the committee.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Diederich will speak with Dr. Brown about writing a brief paragraph that can be described regarding the importance of commenting regarding the petition. All board members are asked to distribute to those in their lives.
  • ACTION ITEM: Dr. Alonso will upload all files related to the petition onto MyCommunities website.

Foundation Committee – (Dr. Jean Keim)

  • Will be fully funded by the end of 2015, one year ahead of schedule.
  • Next step is the formation of the Foundation Committee. They create recommendations on how to spend the money which is brought to APF and the board for approval.
  • Reviewed bylaws about committee members (e.g. 3 year terms, treasurer, two current board members)
  • Appointed the following board members: Treasurer (Dr. Nitza), President (Dr. Kivlighan), and two board members (Dr. Paquin and Dr. Stockton).
  • ACTION ITEMS: Dr. Kivlighan will ask Dr. Keim to chair the committee and have her nominate some other members. When committee is finalized, inform Dr. Alonso so the information can be updated on the website.