Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report

Rebecca MacNair-Semmands, Ph.D.
Rebecca MacNair-Semmands, Ph.D.

As I write my last newsletter update for the Financial Committee, I am happy to report that convention costs for 2014 came in under projected budget this year again by over $1000. Funds for advertising provided attendees the division’s programming with the hard work of Rosamond Smith (Student Representative Elect), and creative new buttons (“Keep Calm, I’m a Group Therapist”) for our nametags sparked many conversations about the society. We decided at the board meeting to increase our funding for the assistant who has been working on our social media postings with group-related visuals. We also funded the poster awards for a total of $600 and the Richard Moreland Dissertation Award, with the society contributing $500 toward that honor. We were also able to fund a reasonable Early Career breakfast and use the suite with snacks provided for other activities such as StoryCorps-type interviewing about group mentors, initiated by Dennis Kivlighan. So, thanks to Leann Diederich and her ECP clan! Special thanks also to Kathy and John Ritter, for organizing the food and beverages for the social again for their final year before the ECP committee takes on this task and potentially expands our socials programs.

As we are considering the funding implications of our potential project of creating a new journal through the division, we have been engaged in a variety of exploratory conversations. I have also been collecting information on investment options to pass along to the new Treasurer, Amy Nitza, who begins her term in January 2015.

In closing, I feel so honored to have worked these three years with such a quality group of people. The dedication and kindness of our board members has been impressive and invaluable. I will miss you all dearly, but plan to stay in touch!