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Tom Treadwell, Ed.D., T.E.P, CGP

Leann Terry Diederich, Ph.D.
Associate Editor

Members of the Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy value groups and understand the importance of group dynamics. That is one of the reasons why attending annual conferences focused on groups can be so rewarding, as it allows us to connect with like-minded individuals. The recent American Group Psychotherapy Association’s (AGPA) meeting in Boston was exciting as many members presented challenging workshops and colloquiums. We enjoyed seeing many of you there!

We are now looking forward to APA’s Convention in Washington DC this August. The Society offers a compelling presentation schedule that is promising excellent programming for all attendee’s along with a number of programs for continuing education (CE) credits. This is an excellent way to get and stay reconnected, gain new skills and knowledge, and come together as part of a larger group to revitalize and enjoy each other’s company.

In this issue, you can read about the following:

  • President Lee Gillis is focused on helping undergraduates connect to both group psychology and group psychotherapy graduate programs. Lee developed a team of students and Early Career Psychologists (ECPs) who constructed a survey of graduate programs to ascertain the depth and breadth of their graduate studies in-group. Preliminary results suggest a very positive direction. He is planning to have a more complete report in the next TGP along with a listing those graduate programs that gave us permission to do so.
  • President Elect Dennis Kivlighan Jr. plans to focus on connecting and furthering the group experience asking Society members to video tape conversations about groups and about the Society. He urges members to consider participating in the GroupVoices project. All you need to do to participate in this GroupVoices project is to get a conversation partner and videotape your conversation.

The current issue of The Group Psychologist is our 2nd newsletter (Vol. 24, No.2) delivered as an electronic edition promoting a navigational format allowing members to traverse the pages quickly. We believe this is an excellent way to offer expanded content in an electronic format to our membership beyond the content on the Division website. Yet we are curious as to how our members have received the new version. We are entertaining the idea of sending a quick survey to members to gain feedback to assist us in developing a reader friendly newsletter.

This issue has links to individual articles, tabs across top of pages (for current issue, past issues, guidelines for authors, link to website, about TGP the Division, how to join the division, and a link to Facebook ). If you like one of the articles you read, be sure to comment, send it via email to a colleague, or “like” it on Facebook.

Articles or brief reports and news items can be e-mailed directly to Tom, Leann, Letitia, and Noranne at, as can Letters to the Editor. We encourage your feedback regarding this electronic format and want you to share your thoughts with us.

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