Student Representative Statements

Rosamond J. Smith, MS

Rosamond J. Smith, MS

Rosamond J. Smith, MS
Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student, University of Louisville

I am honored and delighted to be nominated for Student Representative of Division 49.  Since 2012, I have had the privilege of working with the Division to further the mission of promoting the development and advancement of group psychology and psychotherapy. Most recently, Dr. “Lee” Gillis, Dr. Leann Terry Diederich, Sean Woodland, and I have been working together to create a study on group training and research in APA-accredited programs. One goal for my future with Division 49 is to use the knowledge gained from this study, combined with the wisdom of the Division’s current members, to improve training and research in group psychology and psychotherapy.

As a student, I have co-led groups for five year-olds with autism spectrum and behavioral disorders, adolescents mandated to treatment through the court system, and active-duty women in the military. Through these varied experiences, I recognized the strengths and weaknesses of my prior group training. With hopes for a career educating the next generation of psychologists, I am passionate about preparing and maintaining group psychotherapists and researchers through high quality and continuing education. As Student Representative, I would reach out to current psychologists-in-training to help educate them on the importance of group training and research. I would also encourage students, faculty, researchers, and practitioners to push for and/or provide increased and improved group-related training opportunities. I greatly appreciate the chance to serve the Division as Student Representative, and thank you for your consideration.

Britney Tibbits, MA

Britney Tibbits, MA

Britney Tibbits, MA
University of Denver, Doctoral Candidate

I am a first year counseling psychology doctoral student at the University of Denver, and I am so honored to run for the Student Member position for Division 49. The position would be a wonderful opportunity for me to become more involved and increase involvement in the division among my peers nationally. I have had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people who are actively involved in the division, and they inspired my enduring interest in contributing to the knowledge surrounding group research and practice. I have specific interest and experience in looking at how novice group leaders differ from expert group leaders in their knowledge structures and how groups can be most effectively utilized for eating disorder treatment and prevention.  I am very excited and grateful to be a part of division 49 in any capacity!



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