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Prevention Corner

Should Students be Retained or Socially Promoted When They are Failing Academically? Elaine Clanton Harpine, Ph. D. School questions seem to dominate our list of concerns once again. Parents, teachers, and school psychologists seem to be seeking answers to the… Read More ›

Current Issue

July 2016 – Vol. 26, No. 2


President’s Column
Craig Parks, Ph.D.

President-Elect’s Column
Robert Gleave, Ph.D.

Editor’s Column
Tom Treadwell, Ed.D., T.E.P, CGP, Leann Terry Diederich, Ph.D., and Letitia Travaglini, MA

Election Results

Candidate Results Delayed


Div49 APA Convention Program
Nora Chapman, MS

Travel Award Recipients – 2016 APA Convention
Rosamond Smith MS

Division 49 Membership Flyer
Michele Ribero, Ed.D.

Group Psychotherapy and/or Psychology Travel Grant
Jeanne Keim, Ph.D.


Group Psychotherapy Column
Tevya Zukor, Ph.D.

Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy Diversity Column
Jeanne Steffen, Ph.D.

Book Review

Group Therapy Workbook: Integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Psychodramatic Theory and Practice by Tom Treadwell, Letitia E. Travaglini, Debbie Dartnell, Maegan Staats, and Kelly Devinney
Joe Powers, Ph.D.

Early Career Psychologists 

Early Career Group Psychologist Column
Misha Bogomaz, Psy.D., C.G.P.

Supervision & Training in Group Psychotherapy
Misha Bogomaz, Psy.D. 
Leann Diederich, Ph.D.

 Brief Articles

Prevention Corner: Why Can’t I get a Job with a Four Year Degree in Psychology
Elaine Clanton Harpine, Ph.D.

Group Specialty Council: Promoting Group Psychology and Psychotherapy
Nina Brown, Ed.D., LPC, NCC, FAGPA
Eleanor F. Counselman, Ed.D., ABPP, CGP, LFAGPA

University/College Therapeutic Diabetes Support Group Therapy
Kathleen Lehmann, MA

Committee Reports

Summary of CAPP Board Meeting
Leann Diederich, Ph.D.

Diversity Committee Report
Jeanne Steffen, Ph.D.

Council of Representatives Report
Sally Barlow, Ph.D.

Other Information

Canadian Group Psychotherapy Conference

Katkovsky Scholarships

National Register’s Wellner Lifetime Achievement Award
John Robinson, EdD, ABPP

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