Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report

Amy Nitza, PhD
Amy Nitza, Ph.D.

The 2015 proposed budget was submitted and approved by the Board in January. Our projected 2015 income was $84,491 with projected expenses of $59,950. This budget maintains the Board’s ongoing objective of holding expenses at 80% or less of income, keeping us in good fiscal condition. As of the end of April, dues income was right on par with 2014 numbers for the same time period. Investment assets totaled over $43,642 as of the end of April as well.

One notable accomplishment for this year so far has been the paying off of the final $24,000 of our commitment to the Foundation. With this contribution paid in full, the Foundation will be able to move forward more quickly with its important work. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this significant commitment a reality!

Additionally, we continue to support Division 49 members to serve as liaisons to other APA committees and joint task forces, and to fund social media and publication efforts that promote the mission of the division both internally and externally. In this and other ways the Board is seeking to ensure that our resources are utilized to advance group psychology and group psychotherapy.

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