Diversity Award

Jeanne Steffen, Ph.D.

Chair of the Diversity Committee

Chun-Chung Choi, Ph.D.
Chun-Chung Choi, Ph.D.

We are very pleased to present Dr. Chun-Chung Choi the 2015 Diversity Award! Dr. Choi has clearly made contributions to both scholarship and practice in advancing diversity issues, particularly in the area of group counseling and advocacy for international students.  Some of his many contributions in this area include: creating innovative group programming for International Student Services, which has become a specialty training program for University of Florida’s Counseling and Wellness Center psychology interns; creating two groups that run each semester to address limited campus resources related to supporting Mandarin speaking International students; and providing supervision and training for interns related to working with diverse populations in group therapy.  Dr. Chung has also taught group therapy in the Counseling Department at UF as an adjunct professor.  Regarding research and scholarship, he has published five peer reviewed articles, two book chapters, and a film production aimed at empathy training for ethnic and cultural awareness. In addition, he has presented over 49 refereed national presentations (including two Division 49 sponsored symposiums at APA in 2014 related to multiculturalism in groups), one international, nine regional, and numerous local presentations. Several recent presentations relate to his work with international students in group therapy, including a manuscript he is completing related to a qualitative study he completed with students in his Mandarin group.