Call for Nominations for President-elect and for Member-at-Large

Lee Gillis, Ph.D.
Lee Gillis, Ph.D.

Self-nominations will be considered.

From the Bylaws:
The Committee on Nominations and Elections will issue a call for nominations to all members by the appropriate deadline of the year prior to the calendar year. A validating procedure shall be used to assure that nominations are made by appropriate voting members of the board.

The Nominations and Elections Committee shall seek advice on nominations from the Board of Directors and other members of the Division currently or recently in leadership. Any eligible member recommended by the Nominating Committee, a Board Member, or receiving at least 10 or more nominations from the general membership shall appear on the ballot as a nominee after
ascertaining that the nominee is qualified and willing to serve if elected. At least two names should be placed in nomination for each office.

The President-elect shall be a member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors with the right to vote and shall perform the duties traditionally assigned to a Vice-President. In the event that the
President shall not serve her/his full term for any reason, the President-elect shall succeed to the remainder thereof and continue to serve through her/his own term.

The President shall be the Member or Fellow who has just completed a term as President-elect. The President shall succeed to office on January 1 following the completion of her/his President-elect year. The President, or her/his designee from the Board, shall preside at all meetings, shall be the Chair of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, and shall perform all other usual duties of a
presiding officer. The President shall cast a vote at meetings of the Board of Directors only when the vote would make or break a tie.

Members-at-large of the Board of shall represent the interests of the membership at large on the Board of Directors.

Please send nominations by October 31, 2014 to
Both elected members will begin service on January 1, 2016 and serve a 3 year term.