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Call for Group Therapy, Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy Ideas

Greetings Division 49: My name is Chris Teja and I’ve recently come on board at Routledge as acquiring editor for our list of titles on group psychotherapy, among other subjects. As you may know, we publish books for a diverse array of professionals, academics, and researchers.

I’m writing to introduce myself, inform you of my new station, and to let you know that I am available as a resource to any of you who may be looking for an opportunity to develop or submit a book proposal. Basically I am very new to your subject area, and to the world of psychology/mental health in general, and I would welcome the opportunity to hear about your work as I endeavor to expand our offerings to the available literature on group work.

That being said, please do feel free to reach out to discuss publishing opportunities, have an informal chat about an idea you have, or even to just say hello. I’m looking forward to working with you, as a group, from here on out.

Chris Teja, Associate Acquisitions Editor
Routledge, Taylor & Francis
Direct line: 917-351-7166